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18.08.19 - 12:20
Southern Africa: Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions - New SADC Boss (AllAfrica)
[Daily News] THE new SADC Chairman, President John Magufuli, has appealed to the international community to scrap sanctions against Zimbabwe, saying the country has already opened a new page and is ready to move forward....
16.08.19 - 20:34
As many as 128 people were arrested by Zimbabwe police as supporters of the country′s main opposition party protested about the economic crisis (Bloomberg)
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16.08.19 - 16:33
Zimbabwe: Opposition Protest Called Off - but Supporters Besiege Harare (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] Harare was turned into a war-zone mid-morning Friday following the High Court's decision to technically reject the opposition MDC's application to have a prohibition ban imposed by police on its planned demonstration....
16.08.19 - 12:20
Polizei setzt Tränengas und Wasserwerfer gegen Demonstranten in Simbabwe ein (Der Standard)
Bei Protesten gegen die Wirtschaftspolitik der Regierung wurden Augenzeugen zufolge mehr als 100 Menschen zusammengeschlagen...
16.08.19 - 11:33
Zimbabwe: Country Loses U.S.$34 Million Through Illicit Financial Flows - Report (AllAfrica)
[Zimbabwe Independent] Southern Africa is prejudiced of a staggering US$30 billion annually as a result of illicit financial flows, with Zimbabwe losing US$34 million every year due to trade under-invoicing while also losing substantial revenue throu...
16.08.19 - 11:21
Zimbabwe: Seed Company Bemoans Country′s Dire Conditions (AllAfrica)
[Zimbabwe Independent] Seed Co Ltd says government's agricultural support finance to the tune of ZW$2 billion could be the saving grace for its Zimbabwe business amid falling disposable incomes and a generally volatile environment....
16.08.19 - 11:21
Zimbabwe: Caledonia Targets 80,000 Ounces Yearly At Blanket Mine (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] London Stock Exchange (LSE) listed mining giant, Caledonia Mining Corporation says plans to increase gold output to 80 000 ounces per year at its Zimbabwean subsidiary, Blanket Mine, are still on course....
16.08.19 - 11:21
Zimbabwe: Econet Insurance Drags Broker to Court Over $260,000 Dues (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] Econet Insurance Private Limited has dragged Auto and General Insurance Brokers (AGIB) to court demanding $266 571.00 for breach of contract following an agreement in which AGIB was to sell insurance policies and collect premiums from ...
16.08.19 - 11:13
Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Presents New Coup-Proofing Measures (AllAfrica)
[Zimbabwe Independent] President Emmerson Mnangagwa - under siege in the face of worsening economic hardships fuelling a groundswell of social discontent -- is coup-proofing his regime by giving the security forces preferential treatment ahead of oth...
16.08.19 - 10:21
Zimbabwe: Police Defy Mnangagwa, Ban MDC Demo (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] Police have banned the planned demonstration by the MDC which was set for this Friday, defying President Emmerson Mnangagwa who gave the nod for the opposition to proceed with its protest....
16.08.19 - 09:16
Zimbabwe′s main opposition party plans to appeal a ban on protests over the economic crisis in the southern African nation (Bloomberg)
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16.08.19 - 08:52
Zimbabwe has a plan to end 20-year standoff with creditors, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube says (Bloomberg)
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16.08.19 - 08:22
Zimbabwe: Hardships Will Pass - President (AllAfrica)
[The Herald] President Mnangagwa says he understands the hardships that citizens are facing owing to austerity measures which have been compounded by natural disasters....
15.08.19 - 14:34
Zimbabwe police say protests over a sagging economy set for tomorrow are likely to turn violent (Bloomberg)
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15.08.19 - 12:44
Zimbabwe: Govt Disburses $20m for Violence Victims (AllAfrica)
[The Herald] Government has disbursed $20 million to assist business operators whose properties were damaged during an opposition instigated violent protests in January this year which left a trail of destruction and claimed several lives....
15.08.19 - 10:56
Zimbabwe: Doctors Give Govt Three-Week Ultimatum to Address Wage Demands (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] Zimbabwean doctors have given their employer a three-week grace period to address their salary grievances short of which they will withdraw their labour....
12.08.19 - 11:20
Zimbabwe: Analysing the Partnership Agreement Between Air Zimbabwe and Mack Air (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] This article expands on previous articles I have written on Air Zimbabwe....
12.08.19 - 11:14
Zimbabwe: Fuel Prices Up Again (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] Government has announced a new set of fuel price increases for the umpteenth time this year and the first in August after three similar hikes in July....
12.08.19 - 10:50
Zimbabwe: Tough Rebate Conditions for Firms (AllAfrica)
[The Herald] Beneficiaries of electrical manufacturers rebate facilities will have to provide full particulars of all the benefits achieved in the use of the facility, failure to do which shall see the rebate immediately withdrawn and a penalty impos...
12.08.19 - 10:09
Zimbabwe: Bogus Farmer Scams Command Agriculture of U.S.$3,000 (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] Mutare -A man from the border city's Sakubva township was arrested by police after he faked being a farmer and duped the Command Agriculture Scheme office in the eastern city of inputs worth over US$3 000....
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