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Das Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ist ein reines Online- Medium, welches in englischer Sprache zu den Ressorts Politik, Wirtschaft, Unternehmen und Märkte berichtet. Einige Artikel können nur mit einem kostenpflichtigen Abonnement gelesen werden.
26.04.19 - 13:36
Hulu Gets a Trigger Warning (WSJ EN)
A startup called Humu founded by former Google employees is seeking a judgment to stop video-streaming company Hulu from suing it for brand confusion. Reverting to its full name just isn't practical....
26.04.19 - 13:24
Marlboro′s Parent Has New Addictions (WSJ EN)
With its core business under pressure, Altria is becoming more dependent on three big minority investments from outside the tobacco industry....
26.04.19 - 13:00
Uber Outlines First-Quarter Results After Cutting Valuation Target (WSJ EN)
Uber moved its target valuation lower, setting a range of about $80 billion to $90 billion for its initial public offering, and gave hungry investors a look at its first-quarter financials....
26.04.19 - 12:48
Stocks to Watch: Amazon, Ford, Intel, Starbucks, Mattel and T-Mobile (WSJ EN)
Amazon, Ford, Intel, Starbucks, Mattel and T-Mobile are among the companies with shares expected to trade actively in Friday's session....
26.04.19 - 11:48
Japan Is Giving Up on Activist Monetary Policy (WSJ EN)
The Bank of Japan is backing away from its inflation target, with worrying implications for the government's proposed tax increase....
26.04.19 - 11:36
The Profitable Prospects of Snitching for the IRS (WSJ EN)
The IRS awarded more than $312 million to whistleblowers last year, including about $100 million to a single tipster....
26.04.19 - 11:36
The Euro′s Bad Year Just Keeps Getting Worse (WSJ EN)
Investors souring on hopes of an economic rebound in the eurozone are taking their bets to the currency market....
26.04.19 - 11:36
Daimler Earnings Slump as Weaker China Sales Hits Mercedes (WSJ EN)
The German luxury car maker reported a 37% drop in first-quarter earnings in its core car division, citing weak sales in China and a rapidly slowing global economy that hit its business in major markets....
26.04.19 - 10:24
Renault to Propose Merging With Nissan (WSJ EN)
Renault plans to propose merging with Nissan, its partner in an alliance strained by the crisis surrounding former leader Carlos Ghosn....
26.04.19 - 10:18
Global Stocks Soften Ahead of U.S. GDP Data (WSJ EN)
Global stocks opened lower Friday as investors awaited fresh data on U.S. growth later in the day....
26.04.19 - 09:42
Deutsche Bank Cuts its Full-Year Revenue Target (WSJ EN)
Deutsche Bank cut its full-year revenue target to "essentially flat from 2018 in quarterly results, a day after saying it ended merger talks with smaller rival Commerzbank....
26.04.19 - 07:42
China′s Xi Vows New Direction for ′Belt and Road′ After Criticism (WSJ EN)
China's President Xi Jinping signaled a recalibration of his global infrastructure-building program as he sought to assuage foreign critics who blame Beijing for pushing excessive lending onto developing economies....
26.04.19 - 05:18
Elon Musk, SEC Standoff Over Tweets Continues (WSJ EN)
Elon Musk and the SEC want more time to work out their dispute over whether the Tesla CEO violated a court order restricting his use of social media....
26.04.19 - 02:54
Uber Lowers Its Valuation Target Again (WSJ EN)
Uber ratcheted down its target valuation to a range of about $80 billion to $90 billion for its initial public offering....
26.04.19 - 01:36
Looming Facebook Fine Points to a Tougher Cop on the Tech Beat (WSJ EN)
The Federal Trade Commission's coming resolution of its yearlong investigation of alleged privacy lapses at Facebook looms as a defining moment for U.S. policy on consumer data....
26.04.19 - 01:36
Homeownership Rate Drops for First Time in More Than Two Years (WSJ EN)
The U.S. homeownership rate fell for the first time in more than two years in the first quarter, putting the brakes on the recovery of an important piece of the economy....
26.04.19 - 01:30
Sri Lanka Bombings Put Focus on Islamist Preacher Long on the Radar (WSJ EN)
While authorities in Sri Lanka try to unravel the suicide-bombing plot that killed over 200 people on Easter Sunday, a local preacher who promoted hard-line Islamist views in fiery online sermons has been a focus of attention....
26.04.19 - 01:30
Mideast-U.S. Bloc Spoiling for Conflict With Iran, Diplomat Says (WSJ EN)
Iran's foreign minister said a small group of Middle Eastern and U.S. officials is trying to steer President Trump into a conflict with Tehran in the hope to undermine Iran's influence in the region....
26.04.19 - 01:30
Argentine President′s Prospects Dim With Those of Country′s Economy (WSJ EN)
Argentina's assets took a beating Thursday amid President Mauricio Macri's continuing struggle to tame rising prices and revive a shrinking economy, raising prospects that his left-wing predecessor could make a comeback in this year's presidential...
26.04.19 - 00:06
Amazon′s Slip Wasn′t a Blip (WSJ EN)
The e-commerce giant is posting slower growth as its profit machine kicks in....
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