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Das Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ist ein reines Online- Medium, welches in englischer Sprache zu den Ressorts Politik, Wirtschaft, Unternehmen und Märkte berichtet. Einige Artikel können nur mit einem kostenpflichtigen Abonnement gelesen werden.
17.08.19 - 20:26
North Korea′s Missile Tests Fail to Provoke Response From Washington (WSJ EN)
North Korea has long used missile tests to coax diplomatic response from the U.S. and its allies. But Pyongyang's recent flurry of short-range launches hasn't prompted reaction from the White House, which is tolerating the tests because they aren'...
17.08.19 - 20:26
Hong Kong Protesters Soldier on for the 11th Straight Weekend (WSJ EN)
After weeks of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong, protesters changed their tack ahead of a Sunday rally that will likely draw a large crowd....
17.08.19 - 20:26
Iran-Aligned Houthis Strike Major Saudi Oil Field (WSJ EN)
Yemen's Houthi rebels struck Saudi Arabia's Shaybah oil field, one of the kingdom's largest, according to the Iran-aligned rebels and people familiar with the matter, deepening tensions between Iran and its rivals that have engulfed the region's ...
17.08.19 - 16:50
SoftBank to Lend Founder and Employees Billions to Invest in Fund (WSJ EN)
Softbank is leaning on its employees, including its chief executive, for cash as the firm rushes to raise an ambitious technology fund amid volatile markets....
17.08.19 - 16:08
Today′s Tech IPOs Offer Lower Growth for Top Dollar (WSJ EN)
Investors who buy into today's high-profile initial public offerings are getting a raw deal. Recent tech IPOs tend to be less profitable, slower-growing and more aggressively priced than their predecessors....
17.08.19 - 16:02
Frugal Friends and How to Find Them (WSJ EN)
Friendship has always called for some maintenance costs. But in a world where birthday parties for milestones might cost hundreds of dollars and pre-wedding festivities often come with a price tag, those hoping to stay frugal can have a hard time....
17.08.19 - 13:44
U.S. Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Oil Tanker in Gibraltar (WSJ EN)
The U.S. launched new legal action to detain an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar that has become a symbol of tensions between Tehran and the West, unveiling a warrant to seize the ship for alleged violations of American sanctions....
17.08.19 - 12:51
China′s Central Bank Reforms Rates to Boost Cheap Funding for Businesses (WSJ EN)
The People's Bank of China unveiled a long-awaited reform to its interest-rate mechanism, a move aimed at reducing financing costs for businesses struggling with a cooling economy....
17.08.19 - 10:26
Living With Hong Kong Protests: Tips on Tear Gas, Tracking Children (WSJ EN)
More than two months of marches, demonstrations and sit-ins in one of Asia's most densely populated cities are forcing everyday people to change their routines and develop contingency plans....
17.08.19 - 10:26
Trump Administration Prepares Sale of F-16s to Taiwan (WSJ EN)
The Trump administration has decided to sell billions of dollars' worth of F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan, according to people familiar with the matter, in a move likely to anger Beijing at a sensitive point in U.S.-China relations....
17.08.19 - 02:32
OPEC Cuts Oil Demand Forecast (WSJ EN)
OPEC downgraded its 2019 oil demand growth forecast for the second time in three months and cut its projections for global economic growth....
17.08.19 - 01:20
Some Israelis Worry U.S. Bipartisan Political Support Is Eroding (WSJ EN)
Concerns in Israel grow that Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to deny entry to two U.S. congresswomen who are critical of Israeli policy will undermine longstanding bipartisan support for the country in the U.S....
17.08.19 - 00:14
BlackRock Offers to Buy Cofense Stake from Russia-Linked Firm (WSJ EN)
A rare showdown between a national-security panel tasked with overseeing foreign-investment in U.S. companies and a Russia-linked firm is nearing a potential resolution....
16.08.19 - 22:50
J.C. Penney, Viacom, General Electric: Stocks That Defined the Week (WSJ EN)
Major U.S. stock indexes fell for the week on renewed concerns that the economy could be headed toward a recession, fueled by an inversion of the yield curve and other market signals flashing red....
16.08.19 - 21:38
Regulators Approve Bitcoin Venture Backed by NYSE Owner (WSJ EN)
New York state regulators approved a key license for Bakkt, a venture designed to make it easier for consumers to store bitcoins and pay for purchases in the cryptocurrency....
16.08.19 - 21:14
Expected Volcker Rule Update a Win for Large Banks (WSJ EN)
An update of the Volcker rule expected next week will deliver a victory to large banks that have fought regulators' efforts to clarify trading definitions, said people familiar with the matter....
16.08.19 - 20:51
Jeffrey Epstein Taught a Retail Legend a Hard Lesson: Be Careful Who You Trust (WSJ EN)
L Brands' founder Leslie Wexner, who accused the disgraced financier of stealing vast sums of money, recalls his father's warning about too much optimism....
16.08.19 - 20:10
Shares of GE Light Up Again (WSJ EN)
Shares of General Electric bounced back”but this could be just the beginning of another painful stretch for the industrial conglomerate's stock....
16.08.19 - 19:50
Disney Claims Force Was Too Strong at Star Wars Attraction (WSJ EN)
Walt Disney Co. blames itself for the disappointing attendance at its new Star Wars theme-park attraction, believing heavy promotion scared off would-be visitors who expected crowds. But higher prices surely didn't help either....
16.08.19 - 19:20
Summer Youth Unemployment Rate Falls to Half-Century Low (WSJ EN)
The unemployment rate for Americans between ages 16 and 24 ticked down to 9.1% in July from 9.2% a year earlier, the lowest such rate since July 1966, when youth unemployment was 8.8%, the Labor Department said....
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