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15.01.20 - 11:15
Putin urges banks to get involved in preferential mortgages for young families (TASS)
On December 9, 2019, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that he had signed a program of preferential mortgages for residents of the Far East...
17.08.19 - 11:27
Quarter of Russians with children do not know about preferential mortgages - poll (TASS)
However, 88% of large families consider the possibility of acquiring an apartment in a mortgage in the next five years...
05.07.19 - 15:26
Russian mobile operator Megafon may sell real estate to cut debt - CEO (Reuters EN)
Megafon, Russia's second biggest mobile phone operator, is considering selling real estate and some other assets to reduce debt, the chief executive told Reuters....
21.04.19 - 06:45
Lotta stuff in the report. From @SecretsBedard: Kushner cleared of seeking Russian money to pay real estate debt.  (Donald J. Trump)
Lotta stuff in the report. From @SecretsBedard: Kushner cleared of seeking Russian money to pay real estate debt. ...
27.02.19 - 17:19
Putin instructs government to assume measures to lower mortgage rate to below 8% (TASS)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
27.02.19 - 15:55
Greece interested in Russian investments in tourism, energy, real estate ” politician (TASS)
The leader of the main Greek opposition party New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, believes that Greece is an attractive country for Russian investors into all branches of the economy...
20.02.19 - 12:06
Putin promises hard cash, mortgage relief for life and tax breaks to bigger Russian families (CNBC)
The Russian leader said in his state of the nation address that people should not risk poverty by having a family....
25.12.18 - 22:48
Selling Real Estate in Russia? Are You Crazy? (New York Times)
Sellers must prove their sanity and agents kill their clients to steal their properties in Moscow’s fraud-plagued real estate market....
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